Monday, September 26, 2005

New Political Forum

A few friends and I are starting a new political debate forum called Crapola Rex.
Everyone should come join and get involved in some discussion.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Damn it all if I haven't been slacking.

I've been sorta busy, but I should have had time to write a few words.
In place of my own word which usually seem inadequate, I'll leave you with a few links to things I have been checking out.

Cuba Offers Help, Government fails to respond.

My online friends' website. His latest entry, some funny magazine covers he made up. Check out his original music also.

My favorite forum. This is a topic about one particular discrepency in government

The world famous CBGB club has been facing closure. Help them out if you care. My thread on the matter.

Yeah I am an ACLU nut. They just released this video that you can watch for free online about the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. It is a very good video and I urge everyone to watch.

Like everyone else I have been hearing all about Katrina and New Orleans non-stop this past week or so. I do feel bad for the people who are suffering there, as I do for all who suffer anywhere in the world. I have to stick by my position that in alot of ways that pertain to natural disasters, people deserve what they get. There have been warnings about New Orleans in particular for a long time. Here are the reasons I say this should have been avoided. ("Deserve what they get" was probably the wrong thing to say, but I'm getting blunt and honest in my old age.)
1)Besides the fact that they were warned, people need to know where they live and the natural world that they live in. If you live in Kansas, you gotta expect tornados, if you live on the gulf coast you gotta expect hurricanes, if you live in the great white north you gotta expect snow and freezing temperatures. It's that simple. No matter how hard the human race tries to control mother nature, she will do as she pleases. Be prepared or move to an area more conducive to human habitation. It reminds me of a Sam Kinison quote. He was talking about starvation in Africa, but I think it relates to my point.
2)Mankind has pissed off mother nature. We have tried to tame her and control her to our own ends with no regard for the consequences. We have polluted her and raped her. Part of the reason the floods were so bad was becuase of mans own influence. We as a human race need to be better caretakers of our one and only home. Mother Earth. Now is the only program I have seen covering this side of the catastrophy. They have a video of the program I was talking about on their site now.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Free Speech

Recently there was a sports commentator who was fired for making a comment about carribean baseball players. Story Here. The guy was suspended for awhile first and all the media was bitching that the punishment wasn't harsh enough, and eventually the guy was fired. So I did a little google search for "comments" and "fired", and I came up with 5,490,000 results.
Let me make a quick point. I understand that almost all of the cases are between an employer and employee and not government or politically linked, but my point is the same.
I always thought that free speech was protected by the 1st ammendment. Actually it says "Congress shall make no law....,or abridging the freedom of speech." I suppose it is withing the corporations legal right to fire for any reason. It seems to me that more and more people are intolerant of other peoples opinions. While I might disagree with his comments, I don't think he should be punished. I think the guy was pissed because his team is doing poorly and was just blowing off some steam. That is beside the point. The point is that everyone is entitiled to his/her opinion and they should be able to voice that opinion without fear of repercussions. More and more political correctness is getting in the way of free speech. In theory I should be able to say whatever I want to regardless of who it may offend. I should be able to speak my mind openly. I believe these freedoms are being slowly eroded away, not only by corporate america, but also by our government.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Incapacity for Reasonable Thought.

I was having a little discussion over breakfast with my brother about politics. It amazes me that people can become so blinded and self righteous that they can't accept the fact that they or someone they might have looked up to can make mistakes. This train of thought came about as a result of our discussion about G.W.Bush and his re-election. There were plenty of facts out there to disprove alot of Bushs' statements. Why is it that people will willingly vote for someone who will lie about something so serious as terrorism and Iraq to promote a war where thousands of Americans will be sent to die? People get so caught up in their own political party that they refuse to believe, or even consider the fact that they could be wrong. They blame "liberal propaganda" or "that fat bastard Moore". They fail to take the time and do their own research. Even so, the facts had been fully exposed as to the lies and manipulation the Bush administration used to bring about the war, and yet people still voted for Bush. In my opinion Bush and his administration has broken several federal laws. They should be in jail, not running the most powerful country in the world. Anyway I just wanted to rant a bit. It just amazes me the ignorance that alot of Americans will accept and even embrace.
One more thing. I believe this free trade agreement is a horrible idea. Look what NAFTA has done for us. Do the research. NAFTA hasn't strengthened our economy. It has weakened it. More and more jobs go to other countries. I don't disagree with jobs going to other countries in principle, we are all part of the human race. But I believe we need to fix the problems at home before we start fixing the employment problems elsewhere.
Last of all I want you all to read about free trade in China and report back. I have been a fan of Greg Palast for awhile, and this is a great article.

ReWrite Reality

Hahahahaha! Would be even funnier if it wasn't soo true. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Last Weekend

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Is there a god, or not?

I have been thinging a bit about God, and why so many people believe, or don't believe in God. I personally believe in God. I admit I have no "hard facts" that conclusively prove the existence of God, but in some instances I can see no other explanation. I'll let science disprove me.
My first thought came to me while watching one of those documentaries I love so much on the science channel. I hear often on these documentaries about the theory of the "big bang". It seems to me that scientists have all but accepted this theory as fact. Well lets look at the "big bang" which I will refer to as BB from now on. What caused the BB? Where did all the matter in the universe come from? Did this matter just spring into existence out of nothingness with the BB or was it slowly created by the BB? Was there alot of what I call dead matter with no energy and the BB gave it the energy and started the process of galaxy formation, and if so how did the BB happen if there is no energy in the dead matter? It seems to me that it is at least as plausible for God to have created the universe as it is that all the matter and energy in the universe just sprang into existence with a BB that nobody knows how it happened. I mean was there just nothing, and then BANG, there is everything? There must be something that caused the BB.
My second thoughts were on what is called the spirit or soul or consiousness. How does science explain the spirit? I have a really hard time believing that What makes up me is just a bunch of chemical and electrical impulses in my brain. I have had a few experiences that I could only call spiritual experiences. I don't for a second believe that my consiousness will expire with this fragile body that houses it. Science has yet to explain the soul.
I believe that one of the biggest reasons that people deny the existence of God comes from a (maybe subconsious) thought that if there is no God, then there is no heaven or hell. If there is no heaven or hell, then there is no real reason to worry about sin. There is no reason to worry about anything but personal gratification. If god doesn't exist then it's alright to cheat on my spouse, steal the pensions of thousands of old folks, etc....
I'm not trying to pass moral judgement on anyone. I try not to judge someone at all, until I know them quite well. I'm just saying that just because science or religion hasn't proven the existence of God with hard facts doesn't mean that Gods' existence has been disproven. Everyone has the right to believe what they want. There are just too many things that go on unexplained by science.
My cuz Josh said: "Belief and Faith = Bad." I believe in God. I have faith that someday I'll know the truth. In my opinion Josh is all wrong on this point. Belief and Faith are not at all bad. Even in a religious context. It pisses me off when people bad mouth religion or God because of what people have done in the name of either. It almost pisses me off as much as it does when someone does something bad in the name of God or religion. Bush is a fucking bastard in my opinion for using God as one of his excuses to fight a war. Bush has no scruples. He can use God in a sentence where he is blatantly lying. Some people read books that are completely biased against one religion or another and then laugh at people that believe in that religion. Thats the actions of an asshole in my opinion. Anyway I am getting off topic. People say "Prove that God exists." I say "Prove he doesn't exist." There are alot of thing on this magical world that just can't be explained. At least not yet. Does that mean they don't exist? NO! I believe that love exists, yet I cannot prove it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Adam the 6 yr. old that I babysit.
Carter the 1 yr. old I babysit.

Today with a hat.
Today without a hat.